KH audio is a new establishment that develops from ly cheng heng in the year 2019. We will continue the legacy of providing quality services and developing trust with our clientele.  With the growing expertise and experience we are now one of  best sound system company in Cambodia.

KH Audio is the best audio shop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, specializing in high-end audio installation. We offer outdoor audio installations, office sound systems, commercial audio installations, conference & interpreter systems, and premium residential audio services. Trust our Audio Consultant in Phnom Penh for smart control home sound systems and background music installations.

We are working towards being the most recognized professional acoustic and audiovisual services company in Cambodia by delivering high-quality, state-of-the-art products, technologies and education in the region.

Professional Loudspeakers

We provide products with industry leaders in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of premium sound reinforcement technologies for Live Sound Events, Venue Installation as well as custom design to fit with customer’s home décor. We can say that we can fulfill whatever customer desire.

Home Theater System

An integrated home audio system should deliver flawlessly accurate three-dimensional sound. Whether you listen to music or watch movies, everything should be startlingly clear and breathtakingly realistic. A Good Home Theater store in Phnom Penh can definitely bring these immersive sound experience to your home.

Karaoke System

If you love singing, you need to have karaoke system in side your household. Our team have years of experience related with AV system and when it comes to adjusting sound to fit with customer’s vocal, we will make sure that whatever you want, we can make it happen.

Conference & Interpreter System

Within our experience in this industry, we know that our customer need something that will help their life more easier and very convenience to use. That’s why we step in and will take our this process. KH Audio’s high-end audio installation Phnom Penh can help you with just a click of button, the entire system will activate and the right preset is selected.

Lighting System

When it comes to entertainment, sound and lighting systems are essential ingredients in creating an atmosphere that can draw people in. KH AUDIO also provide the world latest lighting system’s technology to our customer. This lighting system include: LED ceiling panel, club disco lighting, theater lighting. audio visual installation Phnom Penh can help enhancing music experience.

Background Music System

A Background music sound system in Phnom Penh provides sound to create atmosphere in a venue, and is usually used for music or media playback. Every shopping malls, restaurants, clothing stores, hotel lobby, home must have background music system whether it’s a ceiling, on wall type, or outdoor type with weather resistance.



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